The Coder Career ⚡️ is coming soon..

The Coder Career is a growing community of technologists of all backgrounds and experience levels. We help members get a head start on their career in tech. TCC is open to anyone, but we mostly aim to help those starting out - usually those with between 0 and 3 years experience....with an emphasis on the 0 😉

The Coder Career Hiring Platform

Later this year, The Coder Career will launch our hiring platform. This will allow you access our growing talent pool and community of engaged and ambitious engineers in the community.

Why advertise roles on The Coder Career?

The Coder Career is a thriving online and in-person community where many engineers get expert advice on job applications, interviewing and career skills. We have hackathons to help members hone their technical skills, and webinars to grow their communication and business skills. Experienced, established engineers and TCC evangelists help those in need of tech advice.

Our philosophy is that the beginners of today will become the expert professional technologists of tomorrow.

As a result, we need to keep engaging with people from those thinking about changing their career, to those who've just graduated from a bootcamp or university. We reach them via social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

And our audience always come back for more!

TCC also has a regular thriving podcast available on all major podcast applications, with up to 500 listeners/week.

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